Monday, July 5, 2010

So we have our apartment fully furnished now! Chris won a BIG poker tournament so we got a BIG tv. Its a sixty inch LED flat screen. its sexy haha and a new kitchen table from kmart no less. its the pub heighth one and its a darker color. its so cute.

Work is going ok i dont get many hours which stinks so i am going to find a second job tomorrow hopefully. cross your fingers.!!

Chris started in his lab and he loves it so far. He is going to have a stressfull year ahead of him. He was so nervous his first day, but like we all know he will do fine, he knows what he is doing thats why we are here in the first place.

So other then that i have been lucky enough to be able to lay out and tan everyday by our pool!! its so amazing to have a pool again. Beth came over and stayed the weekend we saw Eclipse which was soooo amazing!! I suggest you all see it. I did beths hair purple and dark brown!! I might have to copy her and do purple in my hair again. it is so cute!!!!

Well miss and love you all hope to see you guys soon.

Christy Anna

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We wont have internet for a while so for the time being i am at the library, i needed something to keep me occupied while Chris is away. He doesnt come back till Tuesday, but it is not that far away so it will be ok, i start working again tomorrow i cant wait. I make four dollars more an hour here. Its so cool. Granted we do pay more in rent but not much more. And my Chilis is in the rich part of town bonus.. !!

We got a cute one bedroom apartment, its little but we like it. It even has a back yard!!! its a nice size yard too. I am all finished unpacking and have everything just how i want it. We got our couches today they are beautiful.I cant wait for you all to come down and see it. Your going to love it. I miss you all so much. Plz call me if you need anything I will let you know when i get internet.

I love you all : )

Christy Anna

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

were finally here

we found an apartment today so we will be outta the hotel soon. we dont really have internet yet, chris and i are gettoing frozen yogurt and were using their internet : )

chris and i love it here its beautiful. and freezing right now!! the highest it normally gets here is 96 which is pretty awesome if you ask me. !

cant wait to talk to you more love you g2g

<3 Christy Anna

Thursday, June 10, 2010

tomorrow is the big day

we move tomorrow..dont ever move its highly over rated

i will miss you all and love you

<3 Christy Anna

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i have said long week before nothing compares to this one..

So Wed Chris and I went to bed around 2 and Chris woke up around 3 sick as a dog it was coming out both ends. around 6 chris asked to go to the er, but then crawled in bed. still throwing up. Around 9 we finally went, chris was admitted right away, he was extremly dehyrdated so they hooked him up to an iv instantly. So he was in the er all day till 11 and they admitted him into the hospital. The reason they did is because he got that really bad pain in his side again from the last time we were at the hospital. So the doctors still dont know whats going on he was suppose to see a gi doctor today which is a doctor who specializes in he never showed up today : ( They think its either the collides(where your intestines swell), or IBS,or even possibly crones disease. so its been a stressful couple days and he wont get out till the GI doctor comes and see`s him even then he might not get out till they do the procedures. he is going to get a colonoscapey, also they are going to do the thing where they stick a camera down your throat to look at your intestines. I will tell you this has been the most stressful thing ever. I have had to sleep at home the past 6 nights ALONE. one night i had a girlfriend sleep over with me. which i was so greatfull for her. Other then that I have an axiety attack everytime i come home..but i say a pray before i goto bed everynight and it calms me and i feel safe. and mostly sleep through the night. but keep chris and i in your prayers plz..we just want him to feel better and come home. our babies miss him and i feel bad because they are home alone from 9 in the am till 1 am. and you can tell they are depressed when i get home and dot get why chris isnt her, its real sad : ( well love u all and plz plz plz keep us in your prayers.

Jasmine: thank you so much for what you did for me, It made me realize there are ppl who care and dont judge, what you did was amazing, and I love u. never forget that.

Amy: thanks for posting pics of the kids i was just about to ask u to i miss them and miss u.

Mom: thanks for letting me vent and cry to you. your are th best mom i could ask for i love u.

and last but not least Michele your the best to be mother in law, thankyou for welcoming me into your family with open arms and so u know i will always be here to take care of chris no matter what.